There are only two possible answers to these questions.  This gemstone was either delivered to me on earth or I went to the extraction source of this gemstone.

Why did I get this gemstone?

This object is a very rare gemstone.  It appears to have an unidentified crystal matrix.  It appears to have an unidentified mineral structure. 

I contacted NASA John Glenn Research Center in Ohio.  Albert Juhaz was the NASA scientist assigned to investigate this gemstone.  After several phone interviews with Mr. Juhaz, I was instructed to send the gemstone to NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.  NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas kept the gemstone for testing for about four weeks.  NASA refused to share any of their test results with me.  NASA scientist Albert Juhaz refused to comment on the chemistry, crystal matrix or mineral structure of the gemstone.

I filed a freedom of information act lawsuit in United States Federal District Court in Detroit, Michigan seeking NASA test results.  The freedom of information act lawsuit was summarily dismissed on the grounds any further attempts to seek NASA test results would be futile.

Prior to NASA testing, this gemstone was tested at Wayne State University Geology Department  in Detroit, Michigan.  A Wayne State University geologist held the gemstone for about three days.  He told me there were no test results.  This Wayne State University geologist suggested to me he may have someone who may be interested in purchasing the gemstone from me for $30,000.00.  I told him I wanted to get some questions resolved before I would consider selling for that amount.  At this time I knew very little about this gemstone or the unidentified energy emitted from it.  I called Wayne State University geology department because I noticed an unusual glass melting or distortion in the glass casing I used as a display for the gemstone.

The Wayne State University geologist who assisted me referred me to the University of Michigan geology department.  I contacted University of Michigan geology department and met with Eric Essene, at that time Mr. Essene was head of the University of Michigan geology department.  Eric Essene cut a core sample and held the smaller section of the core sample for testing.  Eric Essene held the core sample for about four weeks.  After testing, Eric Essene told me there were no test results.

This gemstone was tested at my home by the State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Testing was done by two private laboratories.  Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory, Grass Lake, Michigan.  Dr. W.C Levengood was the scientist conducting testing.  Frontier Analysis, Ltd., Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  Ms. Phillis Budinger, owner and director, conducted the testing.  Dr. Levengood referred the gemstone to Ms. Budinger for Infrared Spectrophotometers testing.  Dr. Levengood stated Frontier Analysis Ltd. laboratory utilizes state of the art Infrared Spectrophotometers.

I sought comments from university scientists and private scientists around the world through email.  A few scientist responded to my emails.  No one would assist me in  my quest to seek testing.  A few scientists stated they did not have the equipment nor expertise to properly examine the gemstone.



Olivine:  Mineralogy- any of a group of magnesium iron silicates, (Mg,Fe) 2 SiO 4

ALIEN ROCK GEMSTONE: chemistry signature

                                              (Mg,Fe)2 SiO2) crysolite (chrysolite) - olivine

Ms. Budinger refers to this chemistry signature as a crysolite (chrysolite).

Scientist I consulted say this chemistry is impossible.  Or, it does not exist.  Or, if this is the chemistry of the gemstone it is not olivine, at all.


A series of charged density pulse tests were conducted by Dr. W.C Levengood at Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory in Grass lake, Michigan.


I have conducted several haphazard tests on this gemstone.  I say haphazard because I am no scientist and have very little knowledge about science beyond that of the average person.

Through my haphazard testing I discovered the following:

  • I have discovered a set of conditions that will cause the gemstone unidentified energy to stop ice melting at room temperature.

  • If the gemstone is sealed in a glass case using a high moisture glue, a mist develops inside the glass casing.  This mist is thicker around the gemstone.  This mist is present for about three days.  During these three days the mist gradually evaporates.

  • As this mist develop inside the glass casing, condensation occurs outside of the glass casing.  After the mist has totally subsided, ice exposed to the gemstone unidentified energy stops ice melting at room temperature.

  • The gemstone unidentified energy melts or distorts all glass and plastic as long as there is direct exposure.  I have not noticed any dramatic shift in melting or distortion.  I have noticed the opposite, this gemstone unidentified energy effects and events are gradual, in some instances very gradual but when the resulting effect or event is established, it more than likely will be irreversible.  If your hand was in direct contact with the gemstone unidentified energy for more than five minutes, any life threatening effect or event may be irreversible.

  • The gemstone unidentified energy causes damage to all electronic equipment in precisely the same manner.

  • Insects are killed instantly if directly exposed to the gemstone unidentified energy.  The insect carcass becomes mummified in approximately three days.  If the carcass is touched after three days the carcass will instantly degrade to dust.

  • Tree leaves exposed to the gemstone unidentified energy will degrade in a strange but predictable manner when placed in a glass casing with the gemstone.  Leaves will degrade in what appears to be a methodical progression, always starting from the tip of the leaf, not the stem.  This progression occurs slowly moving toward the stem.  This occurs in every leaf.  The progression may be slower for larger leaves.

  • The gemstone unidentified energy will remove oxygen from its environment when enclosed in a glass case.  An oxygen void environment will be created inside the glass casing in approximately three days.  An oxygen void environment will only occur if the glass casing is sealed with a water based glue.  I used a water based glue for this experiment.  If the glass casing is not properly sealed with the water based glue, the unidentified energy appears to create an oxygen reduced environment.  In other words, glue is not needed to remove oxygen but glue is needed to create and oxygen void environment.

  • The oxygen void environment process will commence only after a vacuum has been established.  An oxygen void environment will not occur if no vacuum has been established.  An oxygen reduced environment can be expected to replace an oxygen void environment as long as the glass casing is not opened.

  • The gemstone unidentified energy smacks all insects out of the air, flying within less than six inches of the glass casing containing the gemstone.

  • The gemstone unidentified energy will cause glass to become brittle over time.  Very brittle!  All color or tint will be removed from the glass.

  • I have discovered that aerosols or light chemicals will cause the gemstone unidentified energy to react with increased intensity and rapidly.  A chemical such as gas, when exposed to the unidentified energy, may cause the unidentified energy to alter the properties of the gas.  Not necessarily making the gas more explosive but it may cause the gas to become dangerous to breath.  I had experienced this effect with water based glue.  The glue was converted into a foul smelling gas that forced me to leave the room for about 15 minutes.  It was necessary to open all windows.  Only a small amount of the glue caused this effect.

This gemstone is suspected of producing some form of non-ionizing radiation.

I lost two space heaters to the gemstone unidentified energy.  After the first space heater was damaged I immediately bought another.  After the second space heater was damage, thirty minute after it was plugged in and in the same identical manner as the first space heater, I knew the gemstone unidentified energy caused the damage.  Both space heaters were at the least 15 to 20 feet from the gemstone at the time of damage.

This gemstone unidentified energy also damaged my phone.  My  phone developed a constant hum so I had to throw it out.  I had just purchased this phone.  After losing two space heaters and a new phone I moved the gemstone out of the house.


This gemstone changes visible colors frequently.  These color changes are very subtle.  Some colors are difficult to describe, for example you may see a green blue red mix of colors.  You may see various shades of grey, blue or any combination of these colors.  I noticed a stunning blue, gray combination.  This color combination caused the gemstone to appear opaque or like a solid grayish bluish chunk of silicone.

A visible reddish color glow can be seen centered around the gemstone in bright sunlight outside.  This reddish color glow illuminates about a half inch off the gemstone.  This reddish color glow cannot be seen without bright sun light.

Subtle visible colors ranging from brownish reddish earth tones to moss color greens and grayish combinations as well as many other combination of colors can be seen on the surface of the gemstone in normal or subdued lighting.