I became suspicious of this gemstone after I placed it in a glass case for display.   I noticed the glass casing was melting or showing a distortion after about 90 days.  At first I thought this melting or distortion was a defect in the glass.  As time went on I noticed a steady progression in the melting or distortion.

I called the State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to report I had an object melting glass and I thought it may be caused by some kind of radiation.  A technician was sent to test the gemstone.  I was told, the machine used to conduct the test would only check for gamma and beta radiation.  After testing began the machine went bonkers.  The machine kept resetting itself.  At one point the machine stop working.   In the middle of testing.  I asked what was wrong with the machine, the technician said he did not know.  He said he never had the problem before.  He said he would have to take the machine back to his office to check it out.

About a week after testing at my home, I called The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and spoke to the supervisor in charge of testing the gemstone.  He told me he suspected the gemstone may be giving off some form of non-ionizing radiation.  I had never heard of non-ionizing radiation.  He told me his department did not have the equipment needed to conduct testing for non-ionizing radiation.  He also said his department does not have the expertise to conduct the type of tests needed to identify the type of non-ionizing radiation coming off the gemstone.  He said his department only tested for ionizing radiation.

I called Wayne State University geology department in Detroit, Michigan and got an appointment with a geologist to look at the gemstone.  I left the gemstone with the geologist for examination.  After about three days I called the geologist.  When he started talking, he immediately asked me, what is this.  Then he asked, where did I get it.  He told me, Wayne State University geology department did not have the equipment or expertise to examine the gemstone.  I was instructed to come pick it up.  After I arrived to pick up the gemstone, the geologist asked me where did I get it.  The geologist speculated it may have come from Mars.  The geologist then said he may have a party who may be willing to offer me $30,000 for the gemstone.  After I refused his offer he referred me to the University of Michigan geology department for testing.

I made an appointment to meet Eric Essene head of University of Michigan geology department.  Eric Essene cut a core sample and kept the core sample for testing.  Eric Essene kept the core sample for about four weeks.  When I picked up the core sample I asked Eric Essene what was his test results.  He told me he was not able to produce any test results.  He said he only had the small core sample for testing but needed the larger sample for additional testing.  I objected to any additional testing on the grounds I felt Mr Essene was not forth coming about his testing.  I was concerned if I had allowed any further testing he would not have shared those results with me.

When I met with Mr. Essene, I was not aware Eric Essene was an expert in the olivine mineral.  I found a few articles he had published on olivine.  I also found he had did studies for NASA.

I sent emails to scientist around the world seeking testing.  I received some emails back but mainly got one dead end referral after another.  The scientist who did return my emails told me they did not have the expertise or equipment to test the gemstone.

I contacted NASA John Glenn Research Center in Ohio.  Albert Juhaz was assigned to do intake and investigate the gemstone.  I was asked questions about my background.  I told Mr. Juhaz about the experiments I had conducted with insects and ice not melting  at room temperature.  I told Mr. Juhaz about the progressive glass melting cause by the gemstone unidentified energy.

Mr. Juhaz instructed me to send the gemstone to NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas.  He gave me the name and phone number to the scientist who was expected to receive the gemstone at NASA Johnson Space Center.  I called this scientist to let him know when I would be sending the gemstone to him.  The gemstone was received at NASA Johnson Space Center.  The gemstone was held about four weeks for testing.  I had to seek assistance from NASA supervision to force the return of the gemstone to me.  The gemstone was promptly returned after contacting NASA supervision.

After I had received the gemstone back from NASA Johnson Space Center, I called Mr. Juhaz about the test results.  I was told there were no test results. 

I contacted the US Department of Energy to assess any potential harm from the gemstone unidentified energy.  I was assigned an administrator to investigate my claim.  The US Department of Energy personnel assigned to investigate my gemstone told me I had to seek assistance from some other source.

I sought the assistance of Dr. W. C. Levengood at Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory in Grass Lake, Michigan for testing.  Dr. Levengood was given both core samples for testing.  Dr. Levengood sent a core sample to Ms Phillis Budinger for Infrared Spectrophotometers testing.  I spoke by phone to Ms. Budinger.  Ms Budinger was adamant additional testing was needed.  She said her test results may be inconclusive.

I had sent Ms. Budinger test results to several scientists including NASA scientist Albert Juhaz.  All of the  scientist I talk to including Mr. Juhaz refused to discuss Ms Budinger testing.  That is, no scientist I spoke to would either confirm or deny the validity of Ms. Budinger Infrared Spectrophotometers testing.  A few scientist told me Ms. Budinger test results are impossible or does not exist.  One geologist said, if Ms Budinger chemistry test results were accurate this gemstone is not olivine, at all.  Dr. W. C Levengood states Ms. Budinger Infrared Spectrophotometers test results concludes the gemstone is olivine.

In my opinion, it is a grave mistake for NASA to ignore this alien rock gemstone.  This gemstone and the unidentified energy emitted from it cannot be destroyed.


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I shall continue to seek assistance from any qualified scientist or scientists.  I shall continue to seek assistance from any qualified scientific     laboratory.  Please use site email should you have any interest.